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If you’re one of those people that prefer not to think about their bank account, or struggle to understand money and financial strategies, how do you know if you’re retirement ready?  Let Helen walk you through easy to follow steps so you’ll be prepared.

This book is about the experiences I have encountered throughout my life and working career. It’s about setting yourself up for success financially and will help women of all ages, although the examples shared are of more benefit to those in their ’30s, ’40s and ’50s that are heading towards retirement.


For many years now I’ve been concerned that as women we are not considering our own financial well-being and many of us when we get to thinking about retirement won’t have enough money saved and will have a low superannuation balance on which to live by.



  • “Having known and worked alongside Helen for over 30 years, I have found that her extensive knowledge in the financial services industry has helped her set goals and objectives to enable her to achieve financial success and independence in both her professional and personal life.

    For anyone striving for a strong financial future, I believe that if you are disciplined and follow the basic principles of Helen’s book, you will go a long way to achieving your own goals and objectives.

    Helen, congratulations on a fantastic book and I believe a lot of people will be helped and inspired by your work.” 

    Peter Toperosa
    Financial Advisor
    Freedom Finance Australia
  • “Having worked with Helen for three years and been friends for 25 years, I have seen firsthand the enthusiasm and positive attitude she brings to whatever she tackles.

    Her story demonstrates how an enthusiastic and positive attitude can help through adverse times. By using personal examples, she shows her advice is not theoretical but how it helps in a pragmatic way. Coupled with the knowledge and practical tips she has learned since getting her financial qualifications, her financial handbook is full of real-world examples on how to improve your financial future, and I encourage you to read it on your first step to a more secure financial future.

    It has clearly worked for her, so why not for you?”

    Clive Bayfield
    Managing Partner
    Eastbourne Holdings LLC
  • “I met Helen over 10 years when she first joined NAB. From work colleagues we now have a great friendship based on trust and respect and have enjoyed many laughs and the odd tear along the way. Helen is my ‘go-to’ person and I value her counsel and advice. I have always admired Helen’s determination, her desire to continue learning and her ability to take on extra work, and she can always find time to help someone along the way.

    Helen, thank you for sharing your tips, goals and experiences. I wish I had this information when I was in my 40s but as you said, “It’s never too late.” I know this will help many women take control of their finances to assist in setting themselves up for life after work”

    Jill Gooding
    Executive Assistant
  • I first met Helen over 10 years ago whilst she was temping with an organisation I was employed at. Our desks were next to each other and we hit it off instantly. I recall during one of our first conversations Helen said her goal was to retire early in a warmer climate than Melbourne. Well, she has achieved both and no doubt that is due to knowing exactly what she wanted and putting a plan/budget in place to achieve this.

    Helen hasn’t had a ‘cruisy’ life and has certainly encountered some very challenging times, both personally and professionally. It is amazing what can be achieved by having a plan, the power of positivity, resilience and perseverance—not to mention common sense, mingled with humour.

    This book just makes sense. It is written in plain English, not financial jargon that most of us don’t understand. It provides the tools to set you on your way to financial freedom—it’s then up to you.

    Many years ago during a development course with my then yoga teacher, the first piece of knowledge she imparted to the class was “If it is to be, it’s up to me”. I feel that this is exactly what Helen’s book is saying with regards to your financial freedom. It’s never too late to start.

    Happy planning towards your financial freedom.

    Marie Farrugia
    Personal Assistant
    National Australia Bank (NAB)

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To help you in your quest to become retirement ready, we’ve included 3 special offers inside the book but here’s one to get you started.

Offer 1 – Free Budget Buster Template

Now more than ever, particularly since we have experienced changing times due to COVID-19, to help you get organised, I’ve created a budget template to get you started putting pen to paper and working out a budget for your own financial situation.

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